Everything You Need Know about the Best Tea Infuser

If you are a person who appreciates good tea, then you are aware how important it is to use a great tea infuser. Using a great tea infuser will let you get the most flavors from your tea so you can enjoy the delightful taste.

What is a tea infuser?

A tea infuser is a perforated kitchen appliance that holds tea leaves, grounds or particles intact. The tea infuser was made some decades ago and became very popular in the early 1900’s. It has since caught on with American tea lovers.

What is so special about a tea infuser? Well, tea infusers allow you to brew tea using dried tea leaves by holding the leaves inside a mesh container. The tea and water fuse to make a delicate taste. When it boils down to brewing an awesome cup of tea, for many, only a tea infuser does the trick.

Different brands and quality of tea infusers

While there is a majority of tea infusers retailing on the market today, some vary greatly. There are the fancy and whimsical ones and the inexpensive basic ones. A few do their job well and make a great cup of tea every time; others are a lot more hit and miss.

Read on for a review of the best tea infuser.

How to choose a tea infuser

The best tea will make an ideal cup of tea each and every time. A few of the aspects of a tea infuser are quite basic. Others offer special features, as well. The following are some features you should consider when purchasing one.

• Safety is the most significant thing when it comes to a tea infuser because it deals with extremely hot water. It is imperative that your tea infuser functions properly.

• Reliability is another important thing to consider. When you are craving for a cup of tea, you don’t want to have to wonder if your tea infuser is going to produce one for you.

• You should consider maintenance as well. As tea lovers, we all want a tea infuser that is easy to work with and clean.

Tea infuser review

The basket type tea infuser is very easy to fill and clean. Furthermore, the basket allows more room for leaves to expand resulting in better delightful flavors and health benefits.

• Lid – the lid helps hold the tea infuser and to hold in steam as your tea brews.

• Cleaning- cleaning this tea infuser is very easy. First, turn it over and tap out your used tea leaves. Run it under strong water and use a sponge and some soap to clean it.

• Stainless steel- better than silicon and plastic since it does not hold flavors from your last tea.

• Handle- you can easily remove it from the pot or mug without burning your fingers.

• Clean look- the bright steel is a simple, but sophisticated design that will attract praise from your visitors.

The reviews for this product were positive, for the most part. The fact that the big leaves brew well due to much water circulation was a big plus.